Copyist workshop

Reproductions of paintings


The copyist workshop proposes a panorama of painting history. Works major and the greatest painters are represented as well as various artistic currents (Renaissance, Baroque Art, Rococo, Neoclassicism Romanticism, Impressionism...)

The variety of themes offer a selection of nudes, portraits, scenes of life, marine or exotic landscapes, still lifes, of historical events ans many other topics.

These reproductions are designed with great care for the sole sake of similarity, perfection ans precision in detail. Copyist workshop specializes in acrylic on wood, especially enjoying this noble material.

The tables are all made from the hand of the artist's sketch to the final result, according to a rigorous selection of photographs and illustrations of works of art and painting.

Make illusion !

A favorite for Da Vinci, Vermeer, Ingres?...

The workshop of the copyist would suggest an original gift idea. Inimitable price !

The paintings are  offered for sale or order by model.

The workshop of the copyist thank you and wishes you a pleasant visit.


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