Sales of copies

Discover a tribute to the great masters of painting which lit up the centuries by their talent, their creativity and their engineering. Copyist Workshop offers a synthesis of the history of painting through the genres. 

Major works (the Reader, the Dentellière, The lady with an Ermine,  Dairy, Card Players...), the most illustrious painters (A. Renoir, L. Da Vinci, G. De la Tour, V. Van Gogh, J. Vermeer, P. Gauguin, J. A. D. Ingres,...) are represented as well as various artistic currents (Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism Romanticism, Impressionnism...).

The reproductions are all performed in acrylic on wood panels, handmake. 

Choose tour table from the sélection offered by the workshop of the copyist, about 74 copies including 68  masters reproductions.

Copyist workshop finally opens the door of art. Good trip...

Atelier du copiste

The copyist

For any professional, the copyist is subject to some strict rules. Thus, the copyist may not reproduce the signature of the author of the work, which distinguishes it from the forger and preserves of illegality. Similary, the dimensions of its reproduction must differ from the original model.

Only copies of paintings which the author entered the public domain can be executed, that the painter died at least 70 years. For any copyist who should make an original work, the task is arduous and delicate. In an Alchemy of pigments, he must reproduce as faithfully as possible the tones, shades, light and the trace of its original model.

The table of the master, before which the copyist bows humbly, is a nearly inaccessible work, an ideal of perfection. It is also a source of inspiration and the best school that is the most demanding.

Also the sake of similarity, the copyist applies to rebroadcast the emotions that a master's work may lead to the person who contemplates  it through his brush and his technique,and to give body and soul to a simple copy.